We continuously seek various ways to raise funds for our programs and operations. Regular funding is vital to enable us to run dynamic cultural projects to benefit people in poverty as well to pay for our overhead expenses.

Much of our resources come from private donations and fundraising activities organized by our friends and supporters.

    • Organizing concerts, shows, and bazaars
    • Selling handmade products designed and made by our friends, supporters, and families
    • Auctioning artworks by friends and community members
    • Vending ATD merchandise: greeting cards, books, and t-shirts
    • Getting sponsors for participation in charity races
    • Requesting for grants from private companies
    • Crowdfunding and online donations via social networks
    • Asking relatives to donate to ATD Fourth World in lieu of gifts for birthdays, weddings or other events.

Our Fundraising Events from the past years

    • Creative HeARTs – Art auction / sale featuring the artworks of our community members and friends
    • Christmas Lanterns (Parols) – Handmade lanterns made by the community members
    • Piggybanks – Handmade piggybanks from recycled water bottles sold online and in bazaars
    • The Voice Within – benefit concerts throughout the year
    • Skate Art Movement – proceeds from the sale of Skateboards painted by artists
    • Grants from:
    1. Henkel Asia Pacific Service Center to fund our Ang Galing literacy program
    2. Thomson Reuters’ Community Champion Award and Dollars for Doers – program
    3. Rotary Club Manila
    4. De Bongerd’ – an Elementary School in the Netherlands raised funds for the Ang Galing program in North Cemetery.

    There are other projects awaiting your support. With your friends, colleagues, or neighbors, you can help overcome poverty! Contact us for more details.

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