International Organization

International Movement ATD Fourth World
Founded in 1974, the International Movement ATD Fourth World brings together the different ATD national structures and associations in various countries.

Consultative status with the following:

  • United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC)
  • United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
  •  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • International Labor Organization (ILO)
    Permanent delegation
  • European Union
    Participatory status
  • The Council of Europe

Our Board of Directors:
President, Mr. Cassam Uteem (Mauritius)
Vice-President, Ms. Janet Nelson (United States)
Treasurer, Mr. Paul Maréchal (France)
Vice-Treasurer, Mr. Dominique Foubert (Belgium)
General Delegate, Ms. Isabelle Pypaert Perrin (Belgium)
Executive Secretary, Mr. Thierry Viard, (France)

Leadership Team

The International Leadership Team oversees the operations of ATD Fourth World in the different countries.

The members of the International Leadership Team are chosen under the responsibility of the ATD Fourth World’s International Volunteer Corps. They are then elected by its General Assembly. The Leadership Team will serve for four years.
The 2017 – 2021 International Leadership Team:
Director General, Isabelle Perrin (Belgian)
Deputy General Directors
Martine Le Corre (France)
Bruno Dabout (France)
Álvaro Iniesta Pérez (Spain).

Together with ATD Fourth World’s Board of Directors, they coordinate with the different ATD branches and foundations worldwide to spark creative initiatives and to help sustain the collective will of our members, particularly for those whose commitment is a life-long choice.
They evaluate our planning process that will craft our guidelines and priorities for four years (Our 2013-2017 Common Ambitions).

ATD International Organization

The International Leadership Team is supported by the following:
1. Six regional delegations in
a. Africa
b. Asia
c. Europe
d. Latin America and the Caribbean
e. Middle East
f. North America
g. Indian Ocean

Each regional delegation supports our action and members in their respective area. They facilitate and develop exchanges and common projects between the regions and the International Leadership Team.

2. The International Center
a. Knowledge /Action/Engagement Team
b. Training Team
c. Public Communications Team
d. Administration, Ethics, and Finance Team.

3. Support teams
a. Secretariat of the International Leadership Team
b. International Advocacy
c. Forum on Overcoming Extreme Poverty
d. October 17th Committee
e. Joseph Wresinski Center
f. Merging Knowledge

International Support Structures

We have three administrative bodies governed by French law to sustain our actions and to nurture solidarity among members worldwide:

1. ATD Quart Monde – Terre et Homme de Demain (World and People of Tomorrow)
This is a French Association that organizes the administrative and financial support for ATD Fourth World teams present in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Indian Ocean.

2. The  ATD Fourth World Foundation
Founded in 1971, it manages our financial reserves and use. The resources come from bequests and donations within France. It also oversees the management of real and personnel property. With priority towards those in deepest poverty, it ensures ATD Fourth World’s financial security and sustainability.

3. The International Volunteer Corps Association
It is the administrative body of ATD Fourth World’s full-time and long-term Volunteer Corps. Created in 1971, it ensures that each ATD Volunteer — regardless of her or his country of origin, age, or seniority in the organization — receives the support and resources to adhere to our collective belief to maintain a modest lifestyle, reject the notion of career-building, and foster equity and unity among members.