Our Priorities

Every five years we plan, evaluate, and create our goals for the coming years. We undertake this process in collaboration with people living in poverty and exclusion to ensure that our work is always anchored in their desire to build a more inclusive society.

Through this global exchange, our members (volunteers, friends, and people living in poverty and exclusion) have defined our common ambitions for 2013–2017 with one central focus and three priorities.

Our Central Focus: Reaching out to those whose contribution is still missing

When we act “All Together in Dignity,” it allows all people to be included and involved in decisions, policies and actions that affect humanity. This central focus is a compass for everything we undertake, be it on our own or with partners, and in any place each of us may be involved.

Priority 1: Building Knowledge and Accessing Education – Every Mind Counts

“Education for All” Many people living in extreme poverty and exclusion are prevented from expressing their experiences. They cannot contribute to projects that affect them. Neglecting and ignoring the intelligence of people living in poverty — men, women, young people, and children – are discriminatory acts against society.

We merge knowledge and efforts from different backgrounds and experiences, including those living in poverty. Institutions, schools, universities, and other organizations will have access to these rich experiences by people living in poverty.
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Priority 2: Shaping a people-centered and earth-friendly economic vision

“People-centered Economy” The present global economic systems create a permanent state of crisis for people in extreme poverty – a daily struggle to create a livable but unsustainable and inhumane environment. They try to survive with the barest necessities be it with or without a regular job and income. We (with partner organizations and individuals) are engaged in exploring alternative economic models as means of providing people a livelihood. This may involve training, workshops, and providing links with organizations that can provide them with jobs and training. Our aim is to foster the well being of people and communities, especially the most disadvantaged ones.

Workshops https://atdph.org/workshops/
Community  Projects https://atdph.org/community-projects/

Priority 3: Organizing for Human Rights and Peace

“A Voice against Poverty” It is essential to speak out on the violence of poverty since human rights are violated. Communications is important to create awareness of the daily struggles of people in poverty and exclusion. By being their voice, we are contributing towards building peace by engaging people in society to be our partners in ending extreme poverty. In the past years, we have launched social media campaigns of our different programs, conducted workshops in Communications, invited print and broadcast media to our activities, and engage institutions and schools in public meetings.

Social Media Campaigns
Communication Workshops

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