Ang Galing

Ang Galing, A Literacy Program

In 2012, we launched a new program called “Ang Galing” (You’re Great). It is a literacy program designed for children (6 years old and above) who are either having major difficulties in school or ‘out of-school’ youths.  Ang Galing evolved from the Street Library program to address the need of a literacy project. The main goals of Ang Galing are the following:

  • To create the conditions and bolster children’s confidence that they are able to learn and to go to school
  • To reinforce the efforts done by the parents for the education of their children
  • To share the outcomes of Ang Galing with NGO’s and agencies in charge of education in the Philippines

Many children encounter learning difficulties that caused a delay in their school education.  In 2012, an experimental phase was set up in the Ilalim ng Tulay (Under the Bridge) community in Quirino Avenue. After one year, this was conducted in the North Cemetery community. The weekly tutorial sessions involve community facilitators and friends. We are able to sustain the program through the generous donations from private companies (e.g. Henkel Asia Pacific Service Center and Thomson Reuters), international grants, and friends.

Since 2012, almost 100 children have enrolled in the program. The average number of children attending the weekly sessions in North Cemetery is 25. In a year, almost 100 volunteers have participated in teaching the children.