Financial Ethics

Our actions are guided by ethical practices.

Income Breakdown:

  • Fifty percent (50%) from donors all over the world
  • Thirty percent (30%) from grants by public institutions
  • Twenty percent (20%) from private organizations (foundations, companies, etc.) and sales of books, DVDs, publications, financial products, and other income.

International financial code of ethics

Key points guide our financial ethics:

  • The dignity of every person and the equal dignity of all human beings
  • The importance of building connections between people and valuing the participation and contributions of each person
  • The search for a society not based on the overwhelming power of money

We do not accept funds from companies and individuals whose messages would be inconsistent with our values and our actions and would undermine the dignity of the people who live in poverty and exclusion. We reject any arguments, photos, and illustrations that are focused on the misery of poverty.

Mailing Lists
We do not exchange, sell, or rent our members’ and donors’ personal data (directory). We also do not purchase others’ mailing lists.

All Volunteer Corp members, regardless of their tasks and levels of responsibility, live a simple lifestyle and receive modest stipends that take into account the number of family members and local living conditions.

Donation Allocation
The allocation of resources is carried out in strict accordance with the will of our donors. The ATD Fourth World Foundation manages and allocates our financial reserves.

Financial Transparency
We aim to achieve the greatest financial transparency. In line with this policy,  ATD Fourth World national teams participate whenever possible in organizations or groups that certify financial accountability for the general public.