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Volunteer in Programs

We need you… be an ATD Friend!


Our work depends on the support of people from all walks of life who generously share and volunteer their skills to support the fight against extreme poverty. Every person who gets involved represents hope for those facing poverty and exclusion. Whether it is taking pictures at an event, conducting a writing workshop for people living in poverty, offering legal advice to homeless families, or translating documents and articles – your skills can make a real difference in the challenge to overcome poverty.

We call our part-time volunteers ATD Friends. By definition, a friend is an individual whom one has a bond of mutual affection and trust. This describes our relationship with our part-time volunteers or ATD friends. We view our ATD friends as partners and equals in all our undertakings. They are a part of our success as well challenges.

How can you be an ATD Friend?

  • Share your passion for books, science, art, music, or any creative work in a Ang Galing, Street Library, and Festival of Learning.
  • Participate in our forum.
  • Join our campaigns (World Day for Overcoming Poverty).
  • Organize training workshops for our community members, full-time volunteers, and friends (photography, writing, computer, speech, etc.).
  • Run a creative workshop in writing, music, and art.
  • Help out with office work (transcribing, proofreading, filing, etc.).
  • Translate documents written in a foreign language (French, Spanish, and English) into Filipino and vice-versa.
  • Share your computer skills or be a social media ambassador: Promote our articles and posts on your social media pages.
  • Conduct fundraising events

Have other ideas?  Please contact us.
Feel free to visit us  in our office where you can know more about our programs. Whatever your passion, we will love to hear from you!