Ate Lilian

Congratulations to our Delegates!

We are proud of the Filipino delegation of  Ate Lilian Tiglao, Reymond de Jesus, Raphael Diaz, & Mae Ann Reginaldo, our participants in Everyone Can Learn If…– an international  seminar to be held in France on June 10-15, 2018.

The seminar is a groundbreaking event with 80 participants from 14 countries.  Together they will highlight the role of inclusive education in eliminating persistent poverty, using the methodology of Learning From Success developed by  Jona Rosenfeld of the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute (MJB) in partnership with ATD Fourth World.  This methodology emphasizes reciprocity in the relationships as a key drive for moving out from poverty.

Can you help sponsor Ate Lilian’s trip to France?

Ate Lilian is a grandmother who resides in the North Cemetery, Manila. She has been an active volunteer and community facilitator for 19 years, with a commitment to the implementation of alternative education for children living in the poor communities. Her vast experience in ATD’s activities  “Ang Galing” (Literacy Program) Street Library, and Festival of Learning will provide valuable inputs to the seminar.

Being granted a Schengen Visa was a tremendous encouragement to Ate Lilian. The next step is to raise money for her trip in the amount of P 50,000 ($1,000).

Let her voice be heard that can inspire every one to action

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