Opening for Intern – Office Admin

WITH ALLOWANCE – To be discussed in the interview

To apply, send your CV to

An intern is needed to assist the office manager with the following admin work:

1. Updating of ATD Fourth World Philippines mailing list

2. Encoding
– Maintenance and updating of photo files/e-files (scanning attendance list of meeting/mobile action attendees)
– Transcription of recorded meetings or interviews
– Translation of documents
– Making/encoding notes of the meetings
– support encoding of expenses (Excel)
– support creation of presentation files (Powerpoint)

3. Assist in the daily operations
– running an errand, attending to telephone calls, procurement of office supplies, cleaning

4. Files Management
– Archive files that are more than 5 years old from the metal cabinet file. (labeling, boxing for future send off to

5. Inventory
– ATD books and items for sale
– donated books
– other non-monetary donations

The internship will increase the intern’s ability to :
– work with an international team and volunteers of various social and cultural backgrounds;
– IT skills, including knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint);
– attention to detail;
– flexibility and adaptability to changing workloads;
– problem-solving skills

We are an international non-governmental organization, with no religious or political affiliation, that works with individuals and institutions towards the eradication of extreme poverty. Working in partnership with people facing persistent poverty, ATD human rights-based approach focuses on supporting families and individuals through grassroots presence and involvement in disadvantaged communities.

In the Philippines, we are registered as a branch of the International Movement ATD Fourth World at the Securities and Exchange Commission since April 22, 1996.

As of June 2016, ATD Fourth World Philippines is composed of two international permanent volunteers, twenty regular part-time volunteers and supporters, and fifteen facilitators living in the disadvantaged areas.

We are present in the following communities:


Hilum and Lozada, Pandacan
Quirino Avenue, Paco
Manila North Cemetery
Resettlement Sites outside Manila

Balagtas, Bulacan
Norzagaray, Bulacan
Pandi, Bulacan
Calauan, Laguna

ATD Philippines has the following programs:
1) Street Libraries
In the different communities, volunteers and friends conduct book reading and storytelling, drawing and painting to stimulate the children’s learning capability and creativity. The program is also designed to involve the older boys and girls to assist their younger siblings to express their potential skills and talents.

2) Forums/Workshops
In this gathering, the adults from the communities share and express their life experiences. It is also an opportunity to dialogue with people from other backgrounds and to build mutual understanding and respect.

3) Festival of Learning.
During summer months, ATD celebrates the Festival of Learning. It is an educational, recreational and cultural event for children who have less opportunity to enjoy the summer vacation. Activities include book reading, storytelling, arts and crafts workshops, drama sessions and presentations to hone their potential talents. Outings with their families also provide sources of learning, time to enjoy the beauty of nature and more importantly to celebrate life! Artists and friends are welcome to join and share the best of their talents and skills.

4) International Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty.
Every year on October 17, the International Day for Overcoming Extreme Poverty, people from all sections of society gather together with people living in poverty to renew the call for a common commitment to overcome extreme poverty.

5) Ang Galing!
Ang Galing! is the weekly tutorial program for children (6 y old and above) who don’t know how to read and write in Tagalog.
Through one-on-one sessions and informal personalized teaching with games, we help the children to rediscover that learning can be fun and to rediscover that they are intelligent, like everyone.
Ang Galing! supports also the educational efforts of the parents and is in link with the schools where the children are enrolled.
Weekly tutorials take place in the Manila North Cemetery (Saturday: 9-12 nn).